Communicating valuable messages all year round


Spring term is a busy one for important days that help us focus pupils on key skills or learning and raise their profile within school, for example, World Book Day, International Women’s Day and Safer Internet Day.

These awareness days are a vital way to improve our pupils lives but the outcomes are something that we really want to keep high in our school’s agenda all year round, not just for a day or week each year.

Within a jam-packed curriculum, it can be hard to focus on all the things we would like to in all regularly enough, which is where Wall Art can help you to continue to share the messages linked to these focus days all year round.

For example:


If you would like to find out how we can help you to use Wall Art to ensure that the impact of these focus days learning becomes embedded in the values of your school then please contact Lisa Savage on or 020 7404 3400.