Celebrating Reading Spaces for World Book Day

BLOG 07 MAR 2024

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World Book Day 2024 aims to encourage a love of reading in more young people through the theme ‘Read Your Way’, which is about celebrating children’s choices when it comes to reading because, when children’s choices are championed, they are more likely to enjoy reading.

According to the National Literacy Trust research, in 2022, less than half of children (47.8 per cent) said they enjoy reading, which is the lowest level since 2005 and one in seven UK primary schools reportedly did not have a library or library space.

This is why schools and many organisations advocate ‘reading for pleasure‘. When reading feels like a treat, not a chore, children can harness the life-changing magic it can bring, and they will happily choose a variety of books to read for pleasure.

Books can fuel the imagination, enable escapism, support learning and boost morale. Of course, the objective of a library or any reading space is to get pupils reading. But if pupils feel forced to visit the library, or they have no interest in reading, they’re less likely to enjoy the experience.

We’ve worked with hundreds of schools to create backdrops of stunning visuals and iconic texts to encourage reading. In our experience, even the smallest space can be transformed into a dedicated reading corner. So you don’t need to spend a fortune to get pupils reading!

Here are a few examples that could help you use your walls to showcase much loved stories that pupils can choose their own reading journeys from.

Celebrate book titles!

You can use the walls of your school library or reading space to showcase classic book titles and key texts that every child should read.

The library at Highwood Primary School (pictured below) features striking images and titles of classic texts like Alice in Wonderland. This design is effective because it gives pupils a visual window into a book, showcasing books for them to choose from – engaging even the most reluctant readers!

Spark the imagination

For younger readers, your school library or reading space should feel magical. An enchanting space that sparks imagination.

Showcasing magical lands, fairytales and mythical characters can stimulate discussion amongst young readers. This is a powerful way to promote reading for pleasure from a young age.

A magical reading wall creates an air of escapism, which is great for inspiring calm and improving wellbeing.

The Wall Art at Northbury Primary School (below) is aimed at younger pupils to spark imagination and encourage them into the world of storytelling, develop their vocabulary, and motivate them to get lost in books. It sparks curiosity and encourages pupils to pick up a book and delve into the wonderful world of reading.

Champion much loved books

Book spines designs provide a vibrant list of recommended reads and key texts. As pupils walk through the corridor the exciting designs help them to make their own lists of books that catch their eye and imagination to read.

We worked closely with Sir Herbert Leon Academy (below) to include books that they felt were relevant to their pupils, to inspire them to select their reading choices from a wealth of recommended options. And, of course, we showcased books that will stand the test of time, especially as our Wall Art is durable and will be a bright fixture in the school for a number of years.

Our commitment to literacy

Our commitment to literacy is evident through our work, designing bespoke literacy Wall Art for schools. We also work with literacy charities around the UK to support their work and increase their impact.

We have partnerships with BookTrust, The Reading Agency and Bookmark Reading Charity.

It’s our belief that every child should be able to enjoy the magic of a good book. We’ll continue working with schools and charities to bring this ambition to life.

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