Northbury Primary School Library Wall Art

northbury library wall art
northbury library wall art
northbury library wall art

We transformed the walls of Northbury Primary School.

Northbury Primary School in Essex is  a school that’s passionate about reading for pleasure culture.

Teachers at the school are already aware of the lifechanging magic that reading can offer to pupils. So they are delighted with their beautiful bespoke literacy Wall Art, designed by Promote Your School.

northbury library wall art
northbury library wall art
northbury library wall art
northbury library wall art

Northbury Primary School

Awe, wonder and magic – these are a few words to describe the walls of Northbury Primary School.

The Promote Your School team loved designing this beautiful literacy Wall Art for the school. And we’re confident that it will spark curiosity and encourage pupils to pick up a book and delve into the wonderful world of reading.

In demand

Over the past few years, we’ve received unprecedented demand for literacy Wall Art designs. No doubt, this is because Ofsted is focusing on reading as a key area for inspections. And because reading was one of many side effects of the Covid-19 lockdowns and home learning.

So we’re delighted that so many schools are investing in literacy Wall Art to fuel a natural interest in, and love of, reading.

Our work with BookTrust on their lifechanging libraries project in 2021 showed us to the huge potential of reading. So we’re more passionate than ever about bringing literacy to the walls of schools around the world.

northbury library wall art
northbury library wall art
northbury library wall art
northbury library wall art

Fun and fantasy

With our young audience in mind, we included fun images of characters from popular young children’s books. So there is plenty for young pupils to discover within this design.

The idea of the Wall Art designs is to capture the attention and interest of young pupils through rich, visual imagery. This will naturally get pupils talking, exploring and discovering! So literacy Wall Art is a super tool for building vocabulary in young pupils.

Wall Art for schools

At Promote Your School, we design beautiful bespoke Wall Art for schools around the world. And, we can tailor each design to achieve any goal, cover any space or deliver any message to pupils.

The value of bespoke design is that we can align the colours to your school’s branding. And we can use your curriculum as the basis of our designs, to engage pupils and get them in the right mindset for learning.

Find out more

Get in touch to find out more about our beautiful Wall Art and how it can transform your school!

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