Woodford County High School For Girls – Biology Wall Art
Woodford County High for Girls School bespoke Biology corridor wall art
Woodford County High Biology themed large format print wall art

We designed a Biology Wall Art feature for Woodford County High School for Girls.

The school is passionate about providing unrivalled learning opportunities for girls. This Biology Wall Art feature is one of a few pieces the school has commissioned from Promote Your School. We’re delighted to support this wonderful school with bespoke Wall Art.

There’s no limit to what we can achieve on the walls of your school. Read on to find out how we transformed this space. And how Biology lends itself particularly well to Wall Art!

Woodford County High Biology large format bespoke printed wall art
Woodford County High Rosalind Franklin feature biology corridor wall art
Woodford County high Biology chart large format wall art
Woodford County High Prof Jennifer Doudna biology theme wall art

Inspire learning

Professor Jennifer Doudna has made a huge impact in the field of Biology. She is renowned for uncovering the basic structure and function of the first ribozyme. This is a type of catalytic ribonucleic acid (RNA) that helps catalyse chemical reactions.

We were proud to celebrate Professor Doudna within this Biology Wall Art feature. What an inspiration for girls at Woodford County High School to see on their school’s walls! We know that showcasing inspirational people can have a huge impact on students.

Including photographs of pioneers within the field of Biology can be aspirational for pupils. And it makes these prolific figures a lot more relatable too.

Big dreams

The scale of this Biology Wall Art feature gives it some serious wow factor! The images and text are large and noticeable. In this way, the feature prompts curiosity and encourages students to take a natural interest in the content.

As they familiarise themselves with the images, facts and figures, they’ll become more memorable. In this way, a Biology Wall Art feature can serve as a teaching aid to complement your lessons.

Where to begin

At Promote Your School, we provide a fully consultative service to our clients. We’ll begin with a free consultation where we can visit your school. In this session, we’ll discuss your objectives and understand more about the space you have in mind. We’ll then measure up the area so we can provide a bespoke quote.

From there, we move to the design phase. You’ll benefit from unlimited revisions to your designs. So you only need sign off the artwork when you’re 100% happy. We’ll also arrange installation at a time that suits you best, including during holidays and weekends.

To find out more, get in touch!