Uppingham Community College Gym Wall Art
Uppingham Community College sports wall art
Uppingham Community College sports wall art

We designed college gym Wall Art.

This college gym wall is featured at Uppingham Community College in Rutland. It’s a celebration of health and fitness. And the objective is to inspire pupils to look after their health, stay fit and reap the benefits!

Read on to find out more about our design process. Watch the video!

Uppingham Community College sports wall art

College gym wall

We designed bespoke Wall Art for the gym at Uppingham Community College. The designs feature relevant images of sports people engaging in a few different activities.

The goal is to inspire students to engage in exercise to stay fit and healthy. As the old expression goes, “healthy body, healthy mind”. We hope that our Wall Art designs will create a space that students want to visit and workout in.

Bespoke design

At Promote Your School, we specialise in creating bespoke Wall Art for schools, nurseries, colleges and Universities around the world.

What makes us different? We create every design in-house and bespoke to the client’s requirements. So each project is truly one of a kind!

Your goals and objectives

Because we design everything bespoke, we can tailor the designs to each client’s unique goals. And we’re adept at working closely with our clients to take their visions and bring them to life.

Whatever your goals, we can help you achieve them through stunning Wall Art.

Full service

Our service includes design, print and installation. And our Wall Art is built for busy school environments, so it will last well into the future.

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