Summer Fields School Sports Hall Wall Art
Summerfield Sports themed entrance wall art
Summer Fields Oxford sports large format entrance wall art

We were thrilled to design School Sports Hall Wall Art for Summer Fields School in Oxford.

Naturally, the School Sports Hall Wall Art has a sports theme. But we also wanted the designs to reflect the benefits of mental and physical fitness.


Summer Fields healthy mind and body entrance wall art school sports wrap
Summer Fields Oxford inspiring sports theme entrance wall art

School Sports Hall Wall Art 

Headmaster, David Faber, says of the school, “At Summer Fields we nurture the boys academically, morally, spiritually and culturally to develop their confidence and sense of independence. In doing so, we help them to discover talents, interests and values that prepare them for the next stage of their education.”

The school Wall Art designs depict the range of sports activities on offer at the school. While beautiful images are supported by inspiring quotes about health, learning and wellbeing.

Summer Fields engaging sports themed entrance wall art

Summer Fields sports large format entrance wall art

Summer Fields sports graphic bespoke entrance wall art

Branding matters

In addition to carefully selected imagery, we also incorporated the Summer Fields branding. The striking red and grey colour palette that characterises the school’s branding works really well within their Wall Art design. 

Because all our school Wall Art designs are bespoke, there’s no limit to what we can design for the walls, floors, windows and doors of your school. Sports themed Wall Art can work well in any part of your school. Though it’s particularly popular for sports halls, school outdoor learning spaces and sports hall lobbies like this one for Summer Fields School.

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