St John and St James CE Primary School Welcome Wall
St John and St James welcome wall art
St John and St James welcome wall art

We designed a Welcome Wall for St John and St James CE Primary School.

This beautiful, branded Welcome Wall has transformed the reception area. Now, pupils and visitors to the school are greeted with the school’s logo, motto, values and colours.

It’s certainly a powerful way to make a positive first impression!

Read on to find out how we brought this project to life.

St John and St James welcome wall art
St John and St James welcome wall art

Welcome Wall Art

A Welcome Wall can set the scene for visitors as soon as they step foot in your school.

We’re able to brand your design with your school logo, motto, values, colours and anything else you’d like to include. This is the benefit of bespoke design!

Dull, disinteresting walls are a thing of the past. Many schools are now harnessing the transformational potential of Wall Art design or even school signage to reinvent key areas.

Which areas are suitable for Wall Art?

Anywhere! We can design Wall Art for pretty much any area in your school. And our designs aren’t limited to walls or murals.

We can design for walls, windows, floors, ceilings, doors, fences, gates and external buildings. If you’re not sure where to start, we can help! We’ll guide you through our free, no obligation consultation process to understand your objectives. Then, we’ll help you decide which area or areas will be ideal for your Wall Art.

Our in-house design team will make as many amends as you need to get your artwork just right. Then, you can approve your beautiful designs. And we’ll print and install your Wall Art at a time that suits you.

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