St Edward’s CE Primary School Entrance Wall Art
St Edwards external school wall art
St Edwards external school wall art

We designed School Entrance Wall Art for St Edward’s CofE Primary School.

This beautiful School Entrance Wall Art provides a warm welcome for visitors to the school. And, at a time when many parents only see the exterior of the school, it gives a reassuring sense of what life is like at St Edward’s CofE Primary School.

Best of all, the Wall Art has transformed the school fence into a visual masterpiece.


St Edwards external school wall art
St Edwards external school wall art
St Edwards external school wall art
St Edwards external school wall art

School Entrance Wall Art

In addition to the school fence, we also designed Wall Art for the school reception area. This is usually the first part of a school that a visitor will see. So it’s vital to present a positive and professional introduction to the learning environment.

Wall Art is ideal because it’s durable and designed for busy school environments. So, the designs won’t fade or peel off the walls as they would with posters.

Bespoke design

The Wall Art designs are completely bespoke to the school. So, we tailored the colours and imagery to match the school’s branding and colours. This means it’s one of a kind! It also creates a feeling of unity and familiarity for pupils.

This is a strange time where many parents need to choose their child’s next school without even going inside it. That’s why the timing of this School Entrance Wall Art installation is so perfect. It presents a positive image to any prospective families if they walk or drive past the school. The Wall Art also acts as a complement to the school’s online Open Day.

Plus, if pupils have seen the school’s branding on their website, they’ll recognise the same look and feel when they arrive at the school gates. This can put pupils’ minds at ease immediately.

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To get more information about our bespoke Wall Art for schools, get in touch!

We offer a free, Covid-safe site visit to all UK schools. This visit allows us to discuss your objectives and assess your available wall space. We can make recommendations on ways to maximise your space and budget. And we’ll put together a bespoke quote based on your needs.

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