Frederick Bird Primary School – Rainforest Stairway
Frederick Bird Primary School rainforest theme stairway wall art
Primary School Rainforest themed stairwell installation immersive wall art

We designed this Rainforest Stairway for Frederick Bird Primary School.

Wow! That’s the best way we can describe this stunning rainforest stairway. In fact, this is one of the most exciting and immersive Wall Art projects we’ve ever completed.

We absolutely loved designing this unique piece of art for the school. And it’s clear to see the transformation of the school’s stairwells.

Coventry School rainforest themed stairway immersive wall art
Coventry Primary School rainforest large format stairway wall art
Coventry School large format nature theme immersive stairway wall art

Wonderful nature

The best part of this beautiful Wall Art installation is that it’s so inherent it looks like it’s always been there. Instead of sticking some posters up or using decal stickers, the school invested in bespoke Wall Art.

Our Wall Art is printed on premium, industrial grade vinyl, so it’s ideal for busy environments like school stairwells! And it’s designed to last for many years, so is an investment for now and the future.

Frederick Bird School bespoke rainforest stairway wall art
Frederick Bird Primary School bespoke graphic design wall art

Coventry Primary School bespoke large format stairway wall art

Coventry Primary School nature themed immersive wall art

Rainforest Stairway

Nature is a very popular theme for Wall Art. This is because spending time in nature is proven to improve our mental health. But if you can’t get outside, then why not bring nature inside instead?

That’s exactly what we did for Frederick Bird Primary School! We designed this beautiful rainforest themed Wall Art to transform their stairwells.

Why stairwells?

We’re always delighted when schools request a stairwell makeover for their Wall Art project. Your school stairwells tend to be the most heavily populated area of your school. And yet many school stairwells are dull, unsightly and unengaging.

By stark comparison, this school stairwell is now a vibrant and immersive visual environment for students. As they make their way between lessons, they’ll feel calm and inspired by the animals, flowers and greenery on display.

UK primary school bespoke graphic design wall art installation
Coventry Schools bespoke rainforest themed immersive wall art

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