Phoenix Bay School Library Wall Art
Phoenix bay school library wall art
Phoenix bay school library wall art

We designed Wall Art for Phoenix Bay School in Torquay.

The motto at Phoenix Bay School is Empower-Inspire-Achieve. And the school embodies this motto by offering a rich curriculum and a nuturing approach. As we know, reading improves wellbeing and learning outcomes. So we were delighted to design library Wall Art for the school.

Read on to find out how we brought this project to life. And learn more about the life-changing benefits of reading.

Phoenix bay school library wall art
Phoenix bay school library wall art
Phoenix bay school library wall art

Phoenix bay school library wall art

Phoenix bay school library wall art

A word from Phoenix Bay School

We believe in a tailored approach to education, that recognises and celebrates every students’ passions and interests. Small class sizes and a high staff-to-student ratio ensures that individuality is at the heart of everything we do.

Students are encouraged to take ownership of their education with guidance to identify and develop their talents and skills. Phoenix Bay school offers exciting and engaging pathways with an alternative educational approach based on the young person’s needs, together with vocational routes to ensure our student’s feel inspired and motivated to invest in their individual futures.”

The power of reading

It’s clear that this is a school that truly puts its students at the heart of everything they do. And the school library is a key part of the school’s whole child approach to learning.

The life-changing libraries report in 2021 showed the huge impact a dedicated library has on pupils’ wellbeing, confidence, behaviour and learning outcomes. So we were thrilled to design beautiful, bespoke library Wall Art for Phoenix Bay School.

Phoenix bay school library wall art

Popular titles

This design features popular, age appropriate books in a stunning visual display. It’s a celebration of the immersive nature of books and a visual showcase of the escapism they can offer.

We included book covers, titles, authors and quotes to inspire curiosity and get pupils in the right mindset for reading.

Wall Art for Schools

Library Wall Art is just one example of what we can create for schools. In fact, we design every project in-house and bespoke to the school’s requirements. So there’s no limit to what we can design for your school’s walls!

Popular topics and subjects school request include;

  • Library and literacy Wall Art
  • STEM Wall Art
  • Wellbeing wall murals
  • Values and motto
  • Curriculum wall murals
  • Environmental awareness Wall Art
  • Sports, health and wellness murals

Our process

We offer a free, no obligation consultation to get started. During this session, we’ll visit your school and suggest how to use Wall Art to achieve your aspirations.

We can also help you maximise your budget and available space, for a solid return on your investment.

Our service includes design, print and installation – it’s the full package! And our installation team works flexibly, so they can install over weekends and holidays to minimise disruption.

Get in touch

Contact us to arrange your free site visit. We are headquartered in London, UK, but work with schools around the world.

We’d love to create an awe inspiring design that brings your school’s walls to life!