Mottingham Primary School
Mottingham Primary School immersive wrap around themed corridor wall art
Mottingham Primary immersive jungle themed wrap around Wall Art

Mottingham Primary School

Mottingham Primary School had a busy corridor that was plain and uninspiring. We created a wrap-around theme that gives the impression of being immersed in the middle of a jungle. We also transformed two staircases, one with a feature wall of inspirational quotes, another with a timeline picking out key dates from history. Both staircases featured the school colours. To complete the update to the school’s environment, we installed photographic window graphics of the pupils, including a welcome window for the front of the school building.

• Wall Art

Mottingham School bespoke infographic bespoke Wall Art
Mottingham Primary School Bespoke window vinyl Wall Art
Primary School pupil photography for window vinyl Wall Art
Mottingham Primary School pupil photography printed Wall Art
Primary School pupil photography for bespoke vinyl door wall art
Mottingham Primary School bespoke entrance Wall Art