Lee Chapel Primary School Rainforest Cafe

Lee Chapel School Rainforest Cafe

We designed school Rainforest Cafe Wall Art for Lee Chapel Primary School.

This beautiful school Rainforest Cafe design has completely transformed the space! And students now have an inviting and immersive environment for dining.

Read on to find out more about our design process. And learn about why Wall Art for schools is so popular.

Lee Chapel Rainforest Cafe

School Rainforest Cafe

What does your school dining hall look like? Is it brightly lit with fluorescent bulbs, walls painted white and a very clinical or functional feel to it? Many older buildings are tricky to reinvigorate because of their traditional fixtures and layouts. This is where Wall Art can help.

Using a sympathetic design and clever installation, we can work to any design and layout. We’ll also make sure the Wall Art sits inherently on the wall, so it looks like it’s always been there.

Lee Chapel Rainforest Cafe
Lee Chapel Rainforest Cafe
Lee Chapel Rainforest Cafe
Lee Chapel Rainforest Cafe

Benefits of nature

There’s a good reason so many schools opt for nature themes in their Wall Art. It’s because nature is proven to benefit wellbeing. And we could all use a mental and emotional boost right now!

Additionally, it’s great to incorporate animals and trees within the design. It can certainly create a love and appreciation of nature in your students.

Immersive environment

We’ve talked before about the benefits of a positive learning environment. But the same principle applies to other aspects of school life. For example, it’s key to encourage a sense of belonging in students. You can do this in a number of ways. But the visual environment certainly plays a big part.

Creating warm and engaging spaces for students to enjoy can boost their morale and create a sense of community. Nature is just one theme you might choose for your visual environment. Schools often request Wall Art that’s aligned to their curriculum, school values or history.

All our designs are bespoke, so we can create your Wall Art to your unique needs and preferences.

View our Case Studies section to see more examples of our work. Or get in touch to arrange a free, Covid-safe site visit from our team.

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Epsom college biology wall art

Epsom College Biology Department Wall Art

Epsom College has been voted Independent School of the Year 2022-23. This auspicious accolade reflects the school’s reputation as a ‘beacon of excellence’ in the Independent sector in the UK. We were delighted to design Biology Wall Art for this inspiring school.

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