King’s Cross Academy Must Read Books Wall Art
Kings Cross Academy book title wall art
Kings Cross Academy book title wall art

We designed Must Read Books Wall Art for King’s Cross Academy.

A Must Read Books wall is a super resource to spark curiosity for reading. We featured some of the most popular children’s books in this vibrant and exciting design.

The goal?

Encourage reading for pleasure, which in turn will improve literacy. Read on to find out how we brought this Must Read Books Wall to life!

Kings Cross Academy book title wall art

Kings Cross Academy book title wall art

Kings Cross Academy book title wall art

Must Read Books Wall Art

Which classic titles would you choose for your own Must Read Books wall? We were certainly spoilt for choice when we designed this one!

So, we worked closely with the school to agree books that they felt were relevant to their pupils. And, of course, we showcased books that will stand the test of time.

Literacy is a key focus for many schools we work with. And we’re always delighted to design Wall Art that encourages pupils to explore the life-changing magic of reading.

Our commitment to literacy

Our commitment to literacy is evident through our work, designing bespoke literacy Wall Art for schools. But we also work with literacy charities around the UK to support their work and increase their impact.

We have partnerships with BookTrust, The Reading Agency and Bookmark Reading Charity.

It’s our belief that every child should be able to enjoy the magic of a good book! So we’ll continue working with schools and charities to bring this ambition to life.

Literacy Wall Art

There are many ways to bring books to life on your school’s walls…

For younger pupils, we’d suggest you stick with magical themes. For example, castles, wizards, fairies and mythical creatures. This fuels young imaginations and sparks curiosity in young readers.

For older pupils, we can tailor your designs to your curriculum. Or we can feature classic titles that everyone should read!

In this case, we’ve depicted book spines for a really engaging and immersive effect. But we can also feature quotes, images and scenes from books. It’s important that we represent a wide range of authors and books.

This means every pupil can see authors, storylines and characters they can relate to.

Literacy for all

It’s disappointing that one in eight UK Primary Schools has no dedicated library. But, with Wall Art, any space in your school can celebrate books and the power of literacy!

Your corridors, stairwells, classrooms, communal areas and even outdoor spaces can pay homage to books. If you’re not sure where to start, get in touch and we can advise on how to decide!

Kings Cross Academy book title wall art
Kings Cross Academy book title wall art

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