Downside Primary School Values Wall Art
Downside primary school values wall art
Downside primary school values wall art

We created meaningful school values Wall Art for Downside Primary School

An established five form entry school, Downside Primary School aims to encourage its young students to develop not only an enthusiasm for learning but also an inclusive and encouraging attitude.

This emphasis on inclusivity shone through in our Wall Art project with them, as the students took part in an internal competition to create the visual designs for our school values display.

Student-designed Wall Art

Effective school values Wall Art encourages meaningful development of character in students. By supplying the students with the value words and asking them to design the accompanying imagery, the exercise required them to contemplate what the words truly represented.

After the competition winners were decided, the ideas were then commissioned to be professionally created by our team. We combined a calming blue sky background with stencilled iterations of the winners’ designs, promoting thoughtfulness.

Downside Primary School

Opening in 2011, Downside Primary School is an institution that prioritises a welcoming atmosphere, where every child is not only praised and developed in equal measure, but treated as the individuals that they are.

At primary school level, instilling values in students is of critical importance. At Downside, teachers help encourage creativity, respect and kindness in students, providing them with all the necessary foundations for further learning and character development.

Based in Luton, the school provides the local community with a brilliant option for nurturing and educating their children, preparing them for the next steps in life.

Downside primary school values wall art

Thought-provoking School Values Displays

The combination of a soothing background and striking coloured stencils helps create a sense of calm and intrigue in primary school students. The design helps grasp attention without demanding it.

The value words implemented into the design were: cooperation, responsibility, friendship, fairness, patience, respect, determination, kindness, perseverance, trust and forgiveness.

Each unique student-designed image works as a reminder of both responsibility and reward, with the winners – and other contenders – feeling a sense of pride whenever they walk past it.

Downside primary school values wall art

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