Chertsey High School Subject Zones
Chertsey wall art for secondary schools

We designed bespoke High School Subject Zones for Chertsey High School, a mixed 11-16 school in Chertsey, Surrey.

High School Subject Zones are idea for schools  that pride themselves on providing an extraordinary education to students. At Chertsey High School, this is underpinned by values of knowledge; determination and love. These values are also shared by staff, governors and students. 

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Visual Inspiration

The school approached us as they were keen to enhance their learning environment with School Subject Zones. The design also needed to be subject focused and inspire students to engage with their curriculum. 

So we carefully selected a number of inspirational quotes and got to work on the design phase. First, images, text and colour were combined to create clear sections for each subject area of the syllabus. Then, a combination of traditional and contemporary quotes were added. These certainly give interest and depth to the content. 

Subject matter

The value of High School Subject Zones are that they serve as a learning aid. In fact, pupils can enjoy the art without realising they’re learning! Natural curiosity is unavoidable when pupils see larger than life sized versions of their subjects. And they will notice their School Subject Zones each day as they make their way between lessons.

The design focuses on the particuarly engaging aspects of key subjects. And this can encourage students to take an interest in each. 


The layout of the school’s corridors and well maintained white walls presented a perfect blank canvas for High School Subject Zones. So we used premium, industrial grade materials for printing. This is because we know that the school’s halls see a lot of footfall each day. And this Wall Art is designed for busy school environments, so will last many years!

Other Subjects

We were thrilled to create these beautiful High School Subject Zones for Chertsey High School. Having worked with hundreds of schools to create Wall Art, we have an expanse of experience to draw from when working on new projects. But every design is bespoke and we believe this is key to designing something that is truly unique to each school. 

If you’d like to find out more about bespoke Wall Art for your school, do get in touch! We offer a free site visit or remote consultation to discuss your objectives and suggest ways of using Wall Art to achieve your vision. We’ll then put together a quote based on your unique preferences and budget.


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