Chertsey High School British Values Feature Wall

British values school wall art
British values school wall art
British values school wall art

We designed a British Values feature wall for Chertsey High School.

We branded this British Values feature wall with the school’s logo and colours for a cohesive look and feel. It’s a powerful statement about the expectations for all students and staff at the school. This stunning visual design has also transformed the internal space with a vibrant and colourful backdrop.

Read on to find out how we brought this project to life for the school.

British values school wall art
British values school wall art

British Values feature wall

Chertsey High School prides itself on offering a diverse and inclusive learning environment for all pupils. And they embody the spirit of British Values; Democracy, Rule of Law, Respect and Tolerance and Individual Liberty.

The school reinforces these values in many ways. And we were delighted to support them by designing a beautiful, bespoke British Values feature wall for maximum impact.

Now, pupils can familiarise themselves with British Values whenever they walk past this stunning visual display.

The visual environment

Studies show that people remember 80% of what they see, versus just 10% of what they hear. So when it comes to learning, your visual environment really matters!

You can use your school’s walls to promote retention of information across any subject or field of interest. Some schools opt for visual Wall Art that focuses on a particular core subject like maths, Science, History or Geography. Others may turn to creative subjects like art, drama and music.

In this case, Chertsey High School used their walls to reinforce the values that they seek to uphold throughout all they do.

Bespoke design

We’ve worked with Chertsey High School a number of times, and we’re always delighted by the value they place on their visual environment.

We design every piece of artwork in-house, bespoke to their requirements. This means we can tailor the designs to the school’s unique requirements. And we can align the design to the school’s branding, logo and colours. This makes all the difference to the end result.

Wall Art for your school

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We’ll happily share examples of completed projects for inspiration and we’ll visit your school, free of charge, for a no obligation consultation.

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