Brunel University Mural – free weights room
Brunel University free weights room
Wall Art For Universities

Brunel University approached the Promote Your School team to design a University Mural for their free weights room.

They were keen to use a University Mural to transform their walls. It was also key to provide inspiration and motivation to students as they exercised, to build on their health and fitness.

Brunel University free weights room

Brunel University free weights room

Brunel University free weights room

Aspirational images

One of the most important aspects of a University Mural is the images we use within our designs. We also need to ensure that the pictures are relatable and inspiring so it’s the perfect match for the intended audience. 

For Brunel University, we chose images of students working hard on their fitness. We also aligned the design to Brunel’s branding and logo. For example, the hashtag #IamBrunel reinforces students’ identity. It also reminds them that they are part of a strong community of like minded individuals. Finally, we used representative photos to complement the quote, “This place will change you if you let it”.

Sympathetic design

A key feature of any Wall Art is that it should complement the natural features of the room. This particular design for the free weights room needed to blend seamlessly into the existing architecture of the room. It shouldn’t detract students’ attention away from their workout. But it needed to be noticeable enough to have an impact.

Bespoke University Mural 

If you’d like to find out more about a University Mural, do get in touch. All designs are bespoke and we offer a free consultation, either remotely or at your school.