Alperton Community School – subject event timelines
Alperton Community School history timeline corridor wall art
Alperton Community School subject event timeline corridor wall art
Alperton Community School subject timeline atrium wall art
Community School Historical subject timeline corridor wall art
Alperton Community School Subject event timelines wall art
Community School subject event timeline atrium wall art
London Community School subject event timeline corridor wall art
London Community school history timeline large format wall art
London Community School history timeline large format atrium wall art

Alperton Community School is an inclusive comprehensive school with a student intake that reflects their diverse and vibrant local community. The school motto is “Aspire, Commit, Succeed” and all pupils are encouraged to work hard and set high expectations for success.

It’s clear that pupils and staff share a real sense of pride about their wonderful school. So, when the Promote Your School team were approached to create some stunning Timeline Wall Art for the school’s walls and hallways, we knew we needed to produce a visually inspiring design that everyone could be proud of.

Timeline Wall Art is a fantastic way to engage the eye of anyone who makes their way through the school’s walkways and corridors. A visual timeline can showcase a multitude of Historical events and milestones, famous faces and innovations. It provides students, staff and visitors to the school with a sense of how much has been achieved over the course of many generations. And, it can motivate them to unlock their own potential to achieve similar success!

For this particular Timeline Wall Art project, we divided Historical events into clear sections based on their subject matter. For example, ‘Award Winning Scientists’ are all celebrated based on the year in which they received recognition for their work. Featured Scientists include Antoine Becqueral, the French Physicist who received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in radioactivity, and Nobel Peace Prize award-winning medical Physicist Rosalyn Yalow.

Our Timeline Wall Art also gives a nod to significant periods of History, from Medieval times to The Modern Age. There’s a section dedicated to Technology, with a key focus on the innovators who developed much of the computer software that pupils use in the classroom today.

Using bold colours and large, striking images, Timeline Wall Art brightens up what would otherwise be plain and uninspiring walls. There’s significant research into the impact of colour on our psychology and moods, so it makes sense that adding colour and imagery to your school’s interior can have a positive effect on pupils and staff!

Wall Art is such a wonderful way to add the Wow factor to your school’s halls, corridors and stairwells. If you’d like to find out more about Timeline Wall Art and how this can transform your school’s interior, call us on 020 7404 3400 or visit the website to request a free site survey.