Careers Wall Art for Schools

BLOG 21 JUL 2022

Torquay careers school wall art

Careers Wall Art inspires pupils to think about their future.

We design bespoke Careers Wall Art for schools who want pupils to consider life beyond school.

Naturally, the effort pupils put in now will determine their future careers. But it can be challenging to encourage pupils to engage in their studies, or consider life beyond school.

This is where Wall Art can help!

Read on to find out more about Careers Wall Art and why it’s so effective.

Who do you want to be?

Your school is the home of future leaders. In fact, future CEOs, scientists, thespians, sportspeople, firefighters, teachers and parents all walk your hallways daily.

We know that pupil engagement can be notoriously challenging for schools. And this is amplified during times of stress, when pupils and teachers might not be in the right frame of mind to think beyond their school days.

So, Wall Art is a visual medium that pupils can engage with at their own pace and leisure. Teachers tell us that they enjoy taking their entire class to stand beside their Wall Art, review and discuss it together.

This is a wonderful example of active learning and shows how Wall Art can stimulate discussion and create interest.

Role models

It’s important to show pupils that their future career can make a genuine impact to the world. This is likely to impress students as they dream of leaving their own legacy for future generations.

Start by giving pupils a visual guide to aspirational role models across various subjects and fields of interest.

For example, below is a Wall Art design we created for Fulham Cross Girls’ School. It showcases famous female Scientists who have made an impact on the world. What a powerful way to connect the impact of a career on the wider world!

Fulham Cross stairwell school wall art

Careers Wall Art

When we design Careers Wall Art for schools, we try to showcase a multitude of possibilties. This is to make sure the careers we showcase appeal to pupils from all backgrounds and abilities.

It’s also important that we future-proof the designs. So we tend to include careers that are available now, but also those that could appear in the future. We want pupils to dream, work hard and achieve their goals.

Bespoke Wall Art

Visual Wall Art can transform any areas of your school, from corridors to stairwells. We design everything in-house and bespoke to each school’s requirements. Plus, we have over twenty years’ experience, so we are adept at helping schools achieve their aims through our stunning designs.

Our service includes design, print and installation of stunning, extra large format Wall Art.

Madeley school stem careers wall art

Get in touch

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school values wall art

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