5 Examples of Education Graphics

BLOG 14 AUG 2023

education graphics

Education graphics can help you achieve a myriad of objectives.

From improving attainment rates to boosting morale, education graphics are a powerful resource.

And, if you choose wisely, you can benefit from durable, long-lasting graphics that won’t need to be maintained or replaced like temporary displays.

Here we’ll give you a few examples of education graphics. And we’ll explain how each can benefit pupils, teachers and anyone else who visits your school.

1. Inspire learning

Education graphics on your school’s walls can help you show, at a glance, that you offer a broad and balanced curriculum.

Use images and text on a colourful background to inspire pupils to study hard and consider their future career beyond school.

A few examples of learning inspired graphics include;

education graphics

2. Wellbeing walls

Happy children achieve better learning outcomes. So, many schools use education graphics to motivate pupils, improve mental health and raise morale.

Nature is a popular backdrop for wellbeing walls. This is because spending time in nature is proven to improve wellbeing. Rainforests, woodlands, wildlife and flora are all beautiful backdrops for your graphics.

You can also feature positive phrases, motivational quotes and uplifting messages in your education graphics to improve wellbeing.

education graphics

3. Get active

A broad and balanced curriculum includes a wide array of activities and interest areas outside your core subjects. Sports and the arts form a vital part of a broad offering.

You can feature drama, dance, singing, art and sports within your graphics. Add inspiring quotes from inspiring people to motivate pupils.

Beautiful images and high impact text will create a dazzling visual display that encourages pupils to express their creativity and get active.

education graphics

4. Reading is magic

One in eight UK Primary Schools has no library provision at all. Yet, it’s a fact that children who read for pleasure are happier, healthier and achieve better learning outcomes.

For this reason, many schools are using education graphics like Wall Art to create a magical space for reading. You don’t need a dedicated library to make an impact. Even a single reading corner will do!

There are different ways to use visual displays to encourage reading for pleasure;

education graphics

5. Outdoor learning

Outdoor learning offers many benefits to pupils. This includes better mental and physical health, improved concentration and an appreciation and understanding of the world around them.

There are loads of ways to use education graphics like Wall Art to enhance your outdoor learning spaces;

education graphics

Education Graphics for your school

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