10 Ways To Use Bespoke Wall Art In Schools

BLOG 01 AUG 2021

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This blog has been updated to be relevant in August 2021, having originally been published in 2016.

Schools are full of plain and tired walls and surfaces that could easily be brought to life using inspiring Wall Art. Below are ten tips for using bespoke wall art designs to the best effect in your school.

1. To welcome

The first of our school wall art tips is a simple one – Wall Art on your schools exterior walls, welcome walls and fencing gives a window into life at your school and makes your school an inviting place to visit. First impressions and the way you present yourselves counts. Well designed Wall Art in your reception area can make that all important first impression a good one. A friendly and welcoming reception area will make your visitors feel comfortable and at ease and more likely to be keen to come back in the future.

2. To inspire

Impactful Wall Art Graphics with interesting and age appropriate content will encourage children’s natural curiosity and inspire pupils and staff alike. Wall Art can be effectively used to raise pupil’s ambitions through carefully chosen, aspirational wording and images.

3. To inform

Bespoke designed artwork that showcases curriculum information can act as visual resources to support your pupils’ learning and encourage engagement in subject knowledge, for example, using timelines of historical events can reinforce class based learning and open pupils’ eyes to the impact of key figures and events in history – a subject that is losing appeal among younger students.  Themed areas representing various environments can widen children’s understanding of the world around them.

4. To spark thinking

Inspiring Wall Art can stimulate curiosity and interest in the subject matter being depicted. Themed and curriculum based areas can encourage investigation and deeper thinking as well as spark imaginations. Stimulating wall graphics can be used to initiate conversation and discussion between groups of pupils and with their teachers.

5. To make your school more accessible

Using Wall Art to zone areas, for example, a computing themed corridor leading to the computing department/suite is a great way to assist pupils to find where they need to go and it also helps to get them into the right frame of mind for a subject as they wait to go into lessons.

Including way-finding information designed into the graphics can further support pupils and visitors to quickly and efficiently get where they need to be.

6. To promote your vision and values

Celebrate your school and everything that you stand for through visual boards that communicate your values and vision. Values based Wall Art is a great way to illustrate the meaning of your vision to your pupils and raise the profile of how you aim to help children to learn, grow and develop.

7. To reduce workload and add efficiency

Maintenance of your walls and creating displays can be both time consuming for teachers and use more of your school’s budget than you may first think. Professional, bespoke wall graphic designs last many years, therefore, reducing maintenance costs as well as giving more time back to teachers, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

8. To communicate your brand identity

Branded Wall Art is more than just your logo. Branded Wall Art tells the world outside of your school who you are and what you stand for.  In addition, it creates a sense of unity and belonging and can motivate staff, children and parents towards a shared goal.  

9. To add wow factor

In school we are always looking to create awe and wonder moments for the children. A well designed Wall Art can add wow factor to your walls. Wow factor like this can separate you out from the rest.

10. To raise a smile

A stimulating feature wall can help to make school feel like a fun and positive place to be and cheer up any drab and dreary area. Most of all it can just make pupils and staff feel happy to be in school.


Using your walls effectively is an important way to communicate your school’s message to your pupils, staff, parents and other stakeholders. The value of a school’s walls is often underestimated and is an improvement area that shouldn’t be overlooked. Follow some of our school wall art tips to help improve classroom wellbeing.


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