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BLOG 26 JUN 2022

St Michael Catholic Primary School Surrey School World Map Wall Art and Facts Wall

World Wall Art is a popular choice for schools.

Many schools request World Wall Art for their corridors, stairwells and other areas. In fact, we can design Wall Art for pretty much any area of your school.

Maps and environmental awareness walls are two very popular types of World Wall Art;

Both are designed to inform pupils about the world, so they’re a powerful learning resource.


World maps are ideal for a large expanse of wall – the bigger the better!

A large blank wall gives us the real estate to add the big picture images, as well as the finer details. We always design world maps to be age appropriate, dependent on whether they’re for a primary school, secondary school or college.

When designing a map for younger pupils, we’ll include some really fun design elements. For example, cute animals that are native to certain countries and fun facts that younger pupils can absorb. Older pupils benefit from more detailed and factual designs. However, we still make sure the designs are really visual and engaging, so pupils actively gravitate towards them.

We can combine a map design alongside other themes too. Some schools ask us to feature maps alongside images of major landmarks, facts about the environment and flags from around the world.

All our designs are created bespoke, so we can tailor your world map designs to your exact specifications!

The Forest School environmental wall art

Environmental awareness

Over the past few years, we’ve also seen a huge rise in demand for environmental awareness Wall Art. We know that environmental anxiety affects children of all ages. So it makes sense that schools are using their walls to empower pupils to understand and care for their environment.

Typical questions we seek to answer when designing environmental Wall Art include;

the willows rainforest wall art

Our process

As an education design agency with 20 years’ experience, we’re well placed to help you achieve your improvement goals. So, this is exactly where we begin! We’ll visit your school to discuss your objectives and understand any challenges you’re facing.

Then, we’ll use our significant experience to suggest how to achieve your goals through our stunning, bespoke Wall Art. Some schools approach us with a clear idea of what they want. Others may have a goal in mind but be unsure of how or where Wall Art will help them. It’s our role to help you define and achieve your goals, so we’ll guide you every step of the way!

Our service includes design, print and installation – and it’s backed by outstanding customer service. So your project will be in good hands.

Get in touch

Contact us to find out more about Wall Art for your school.

You can see more of our work in the case studies section of our website. We’ve worked with thousands of schools around the world, so you’re bound to find inspiration and ideas for your next project in our extensive portfolio of work.

If you have any questions, just call us on 020 7404 3400 and we’ll be happy to help!





school values wall art

Unique ways to communicate your school values

We’ve noticed something refreshingly unique in the way schools interpret and communicate their school values. Every school has its own identity and ethos, and your values reflect this in different ways. Here are some ideas of how to communicate your values in unique, meaningful and memorable ways.

Get a free on-site consultation

We’ll visit your school to understand your goals, explain our process and provide you with a no-obligation quote.

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