Wall Art for pupils with learning difficulties

BLOG 21 JUN 2021

St Edmund's Girls inspirational bespoke corridor wall art

Wall Art is a wonderful tool to support pupils with learning difficulties.

Students with learning difficulties can benefit from Wall Art in numerous ways. From creating calm spaces and the right level of stimulation, to improving memory and concentration, Wall Art can help.

Here we’ll explore a few ways in which Wall Art can help pupils who need a little extra support.

Find your way

Wayfinding signs are a critical piece of your school’s buildings. But, did you know that you can incorporate wayfinding signals onto your walls too?

Some schools ask us to include directional arrows, department names and relevant imagery within their Wall Art designs. This is a great way to give students some help in finding their way round.

In particular, it can be reassuring for SEND pupils who may feel anxious or lose their way more easily than others.

Chertsey wall art for secondary schools

Calm spaces

The beauty of bespoke Wall Art is that you can tailor it to your unique needs as a school. For example, you might wish to designate certain areas within your school as calm spaces.

These areas will use muted colours and imagery that is not overstimulating. Images of nature and underwater themes work well in these areas. And they have the added benefit of boosting mental health too!

Visual learning

Students who are twice exceptional (2e) are often strong visual learners.

Your corridors provide the perfect space for visual learning cues. For a start, they tend to see heavy footfall as students make their way between lessons each day. And, they’re usually large spaces, so are a blank canvas for learning-based designs.

Popular choices for Wall Art with a focus on visual learning include;

St Michael Catholic Primary School Surrey School World Map Wall Art and Facts Wall

Making memories

Children with learning difficulties sometimes struggle to remember information. Wall Art can certainly help with this as it helps pupils retain information, without even realising they’re doing it!

We know that visual aids can improve learning by 400%. So, for children who struggle to memorise facts, Wall Art can make a big difference.

Wall Art from Promote Your School

Our bespoke Wall Art is ideal for students with learning difficulties and SEND schools. But, because it’s bespoke, we can tailor your designs to your unique preferences and cater to any type of school.

Get in touch for a free consultation, and don’t forget to check out our Case Studies to see more examples of our work!

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