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BLOG 21 JUN 2021

Squirrels Heath Infants map school wall art

Here are a few examples of visual learning tools for students.

Wall Art can be a valuable visual learning tool for students. And it can totally transform your learning environment at the same time.

Read on to find out how to use Wall Art to complement your lessons in the classroom!

A stairway to learning

Think about your school stairwells…how do they look? For many schools, your stairwells are the last place you’d consider as a learning opportunity. And yet, stairwells are one of the most effective visual learning tools for students.

For a start, they tend to be a heavy footfall area, as pupils make their way between lessons each day. They usually have a lot of big, open wall space available too. So this creates a perfect blank canvas for Wall Art.

Many schools even use their step faces to feature popular book titles, or tricky maths equations. The more pupils see these visual learning cues each day, the more likely they are to remember them.


Timelines are a hugely popular resource for schools who want to use their walls for learning. The reason timelines are a popular visual learning tool for students? Because they are a natural guide to chronology, and they give context to key dates and events.

For example, in a history timeline, pupils can see the evolution of humankind throughout the ages. And they’ll be able to place certain events in relation to others.

But you can showcase other subjects using a timeline too. For example; Maths and Science, Literature and even the evolution of your own school’s history.

Central Park Primary Timeline wall art

Subject learning

As a teacher, how do you capture students’ interest in a particular subject? No doubt, you use visual cues.

Now imagine if your entire school building was adorned with visual learning tools for students?

Corridors, stairwells, classrooms, communal areas and even your school dining hall are all visual learning opportunities.

Ash Manor Maths School Wall Art

Fun fact!

In a study conducted in 2010;

(Source: Visual teaching alliance).

Fulham Cross stairwell school wall art

Life learning

Of course, learning isn’t just about academics. Your school values, inspirational people and motivational quotes can all serve as powerful visual learning tools for students.

And Wall Art is a wonderful resource to inspire learning and stimulate interest in the aspects of learning that matter most to your school.

Take a look through our Case Studies to see many examples of how to use Wall Art to inspire learning. Or get in touch for a free site visit – let’s bring your walls to life!


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Science timeline wall art

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