Using photographs to promote your school

It is often heard said that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.  This is so true when trying to communicate the atmosphere, aims and ethos of your school to prospective parents, pupils, staff and Ofsted. Well-taken photographs used on bespoke designed wall art can say it all.

Photographs of day-to-day life, events, activities and achievements of your school in your wall art, on your website, in emails, advertising, newspapers and on social media will provide a window into your school and build up peoples’ positive opinions and knowledge of you. Good PR is an effective way to gain the attention of prospective parents. A good reputation counts!

Photographs help to tell the story of life in your school. Studies show that if you share a story people are more likely to be persuaded, which mean photographs can play a vital role in marketing your school.

Photographs capture life in every part of your school, all its features and facilities as well as the pupil’s enjoyment of them. Photographs convey more meaning and feeling than words alone – small details will filter through from a single look. Photos can provide a 360 degree view on life.

Photographs cut though language barriers making your school accessible to all. A key way to target a multicultural audience.

Photographs help make your wall art, prospectus, website and marketing materials exciting and dynamic. Effective websites and prospectuses attract people’s attention and engage their interest in your school.

Professional photographers are highly skilled in bringing the best out of situations to achieve this so its well worth investing in a photography day to get this right. If you invest in professional photographs they are yours to own and use repeatedly over many sources, for example, your wall art, website & prospectus, in emails, newsletters, posters, wall art, slide shows and lessons, presentations at parents evening, open days and tours making them a cost effective way to promote your school on may levels.

Take a look at how some of these schools have worked with us to effectively use photos to promote their school in our case studies section:

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Download our ‘How to get the best from a photoshoot’ guide to help you plan a day with a professional photographer.

If you would like more help and advice with arranging a photoshoot for your school, please contact Lisa Savage or 020 7404 3400.