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BLOG 20 APR 2022

Kettering sixth form wall art

A number of Sixth Form colleges are set to benefit from a £400 million grant.

Sixty two Sixth Form colleges in England will be given a share of £400m to upgrade their buildings and campuses.

“The colleges will be the latest to benefit from the government’s £1.5 billion Further Education Capital Transformation Fund. This significant investment is supporting the transformation of post-16 education and training by ensuring colleges are great places to learn and students have access to modern, fit-for-purpose facilities.” (Source: Education Forum).

If you’re one of the lucky recipients, or you’re considering upgrading your Sixth Form college, read on. Here, we’ll share some ideas about how to invest in Wall Art for your internal and external buildings.

So you can create an inspiring learning environment for future leaders.

Future careers

Recently, we designed a stunning enterprise wall for Torquay Academy. It features ‘jobs of the future’. It’s a nod to the evolution of the job market as new technology and opportunities emerge.

This concept would work particularly well for the walls of a Sixth Form College. It will inspire students to consider how the subjects they learn today will benefit them in their journey to a future career.

Inspiring visual imagery is an investment for now and the future.

Break it down

If you’re keen to encourage uptake or boost attainment in a particular subject area, why not use your walls to promote it?

Let’s say, for example, that you’d like to encourage students to consider future careers in STEM fields. Or, perhaps you have a low volume of girls studying STEM subjects. In either case, you can use representative images to showcase famous faces and developments in STEM careers.

This principle can work for any subject you’d like to promote to Sixth Formers. Or you can showcase a wide array of subjects, with inspiring imagery and interesting facts about each.

Speaking about the government’s £400m fundings programme, Minister for Skills Alex Burghart said: “Our priority is making sure that every student receives the high-quality training needed to secure a well-paid job so that businesses in growth sectors such as construction, engineering and digital have a strong talent pipeline as we continue to level up opportunities across the country.”

With the government’s sights set on these industries, you might choose to invest in Wall Murals that focus specifically on the country’s growth sectors.

Madeley school stem careers wall art

Representation matters

If you’re keen to invest in your visual environment, inclusivity is everything.

When we design bespoke Wall Art for Sixth Form Colleges, we ensure that the images we use are representative of people from all walks of life.

This is important for any investment you make in your learning environment. The goal is to present relevant and relatable figures. So students can see a version of themselves in the faces and subjects on your walls.

It’s hugely aspirational and motivational for Sixth Formers as they prepare to embark on their lives outside of college.

Consider all subjects

Remember to celebrate careers across all fields, from core subjects to more creative pursuits. Not every student dreams of being a doctor or lawyer! In fact, many will find enriching and rewarding careers outside the 9-5 corporate world.

For example, did you know that hairdressers are the happiest professionals? Research shows that two in five hairdressers rate themselves as “extremely happy” and thrive on the creativity and contact with customers.

Try to present a rich and varied array of career opportunities to cater for all students and interests.

Stanmore College inspirational quotes learning zone corridor wall art

Take it outside

Where, specifically, should you invest your Sixth Form College funding? The answer to this question really depends on your objectives.

It’s important to enhance your learning environment within the walls and corridors of your college. But don’t forget your external buildings too!

You’ll want to provide a warm welcome to students and remind them that they’re in the right place for working towards their future career. If your college has a set of values or principles, share these on the walls, gates and fences of your external environment.

Not only does this provide inspiration and motivation to existing students, it’ll make your college more appealing to prospective students too!

Stanmore College inspirational bespoke feature for external wall art

Want to invest in your visual environment?

Contact us to find out more about our bespoke Wall Art for Sixth Form Colleges.

We’re an education design agency with over twenty years’ experience. So we’re well placed to help you achieve your goals through our stunning designs. Check out our case studies to see more of our work.








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