School Improvement ideas for SEND Schools

Here are a few school improvement ideas for SEND Schools.

These school improvement ideas for SEND Schools will help you create a calm, positive, inclusive learning environment that is easy to navigate.

We’re sharing these ideas for SEND Schools in particular, but they can be implemented in any type of school.

Time for calm

It’s important for SEND pupils to have access to calm areas within their school.

These are places where they can seek refuge from noise, escape their worries, and minimise stress levels during the school day.

You can designate multiple areas of your school building for this purpose;

Brookfield Infant School library wall art

Natural wayfinding

Support pupils with special educational needs, autism, dyspraxia or anxiety disorders by including visual wayfinding prompts on your walls;

Natural wayfinding prompts can be very comforting for pupils who struggle to find their way around school, or feel overwhelmed in new environments.

It can also encourage a calm and steady flow of traffic along your corridors, keeping everyone safe as they travel between lessons.

Inspire and motivate

It’s important that all children see aspirational role models they can relate to. That’s why our Wall Art features images that show people from all backgrounds and abilities.

Carefully selected images and phrases can motivate and uplift your pupils in a powerful way.

You can use your school’s walls to feature sports people, historians, philosophers, inventors, celebrities or political figures. Role models come in various forms!

Refresh unsightly communal areas

When considering school improvement ideas, you don’t need to limit yourself to classrooms and corridors.

In fact, outdoor areas, stairwells and canteens are all ideal spaces to help you achieve your aspirations as a SEND School.

School improvement ideas for SEND Schools

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