Preparing for your School Open Day 2023

BLOG 29 JUN 2023

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Are you preparing for your school’s Open Day 2023?

As we approach Open Day 2023 season, you may be starting to prepare your school for the big day (or evening!)

There are a number of ways to make a good first impression on prospective parents and pupils. And your school buildings can play a bigger part in this than you may realise.

Read on to find out how you can use various areas of your school to add WOW factor to your Open Day.

First impressions count

It takes under a tenth of a second for someone to form a first impression. This means, prospective parents and pupils will get a feel for your school before they’ve even stepped foot in the front gates!

So, as you prepare for your Open Day 2023, pay attention to the outside of your school. Do your gates, fences and walls look tip top? Can your school name, logo and colours be seen clearly?

You might also want to check over any external signage and make sure it’s clean and up to date. If your headteacher has changed, your signage should reflect this. Or, if you’ve re-branded, your welcome and wayfinding signs should show off your new look.

School Open Day 2023

Give a warm welcome

Many schools use their reception area or entrance foyer to showcase their school values. This is a wonderful way to communicate your ethos to prospective parents and pupils.

If your building offers any large open space, this is a great place to begin your walkaround tour of the school. You can also use any visual displays in these areas as a backdrop for virtual open day presentations.

There are loads of different ways to maximise your entrance, reception area or lobby. Large world maps, values walls, welcome walls or nature scenes can all make a positive first impression when visitors walk inside your school buildings.

School Open Day 2023

A day in the life…

Your Open Day offers a chance for future pupils to get a sense of what life is like at your school. And people can tell a lot about a school by their visual environment.

If your school’s visual environment isn’t looking its best, there’s still time to improve it prior to your Open Day 2023.

Keen to find out about long-lasting visual displays by Promote Your School?

Our typical lead time for Wall Art projects is 4-6 weeks. But we can do our best to accommodate you if you’re on a tighter deadline! Get in touch to arrange a consultation.

Something extra

Your Open Day 2023 is a chance to introduce everything your school offers to pupils. This includes your broad and balanced curriculum, diverse extra-curricular activities and a positive, nurturing learning environment.

Naturally, you’ll present all of these things in your Headteacher address and Open Day tours. But don’t underestimate the power of visual displays in assisting you with this job!

Bespoke Wall Art by Promote Your School can support your Open Day and show why your school is one of a kind!

Summer installation slots still available

If you’re keen to revamp your school prior to your Open Day, there’s still time!

Get in touch to book a free consultation and we can have your artwork created in time for installation during the Summer Holidays.

Alternatively, email us at or call +44 (0) 20 7404 3400 if you have any questions.



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