Wall Art for outdoor learning

BLOG 05 APR 2022

Early years school external wall art

Did you know that we design Wall Art for outdoor learning?

As we head into spring, many schools are keen to improve their outdoor learning spaces. And you don’t need to spend a fortune to create an engaging outdoor space.

In fact, just a single wall or area can totally brighten up your space, and get pupils in the right mindset for learning. Here are some examples of how Wall Art can transform an outdoor area of your school.

Immersive learning

Great Totham Outdoor School Wall Art

We designed this stunning underwater scene for Great Totham Primary School. It’s a really immersive and interesting design. So pupils can explore the images and delve into an undersea world of wonder.

Immersive designs provide the perfect backdrop for imaginative play and storytelling. And, because this outdoor Wall Art is so large, an entire class can walk beside it. They can discuss the images, tell stories about the undersea creatures and engage in role play within this magical underwater world.

School values

Braintcroft Primary Schools external bespoke values boards

Braintcroft Primary School used outdoor Wall Art to share their school values. We loved creating this vibrant and colourful Wall Art for the school fence.

Pupils are reminded of their school values whenever they walk past this outdoor space. They can stand before a visual representation of their school values and discuss what they mean and why they matter.

Health and fitness

The grove playground school wall art

The Grove Primary School used their outdoor walls to promote health and fitness. Our bespoke designed Wall Art sits perfectly on the school’s playground fence.

Our designs feature some fun activities for pupils to engage in during break times. And there are also some famous faces and motivational quotes for inspiration.

Off to the farm

Early years school external wall art

Northlands Primary School and Nursery in Essex have transformed their outdoor learning space. Check out this stunning farm design, which wraps around the playground walls.

In addition to sparking curiosity in nature and wildlife, the designs also create a really fun and engaging space for early learners to enjoy.

We included animal names to help young pupils work on vocabulary building and associate words with images. Building vocabulary is such a vital phase in the EYFS curriculum, and it really helps if young pupils have access to rich, real-world imagery (as per this farmyard design) to help build relevance to the words.

Nature themes

Cherry Tree Academy have clearly done their homework on the positive effects of nature on wellbeing. It’s proven that spending time in nature can improve mental health. So, we were delighted to create a woodland nature scene on an external wall of the school.

We included a beautiful quote to inspire and motivate pupils, “I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees”. Students and their teachers can discuss the quote and share thoughts on the impact of nature on mental health. There’s also a lot of detail in the design – so much for pupils to explore and discover.

A warm welcome

Hunsbury park school fencing

There are many ways to utilise your outdoor learning space to get pupils in the right mindset for school. It certainly helps if pupils feel welcome as soon as they set foot through your school gates.

With that in mind, we loved designing beautiful and welcoming Wall Art for the school fence at Hunsbury Park Primary School.


Wall Art for schools

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