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Moorside Primary School

Guest Blog by Linda Hall, Headteacher at Moorside Primary School.

I take great pride in being the Head Teacher at Moorside Primary School. It is a real privilege to be part of a school that actively promotes an inclusive ethos among its diverse community.

Much of our teaching is lively and engaging, and children receive opportunities to learn concepts and apply them in practice contexts.

To this effect, I’m always actively seeking ways to enhance our learning environment. And I know that a beautiful visual environment is essential for happy, healthy learners.

A few months ago, we were looking for ways to improve learning in some key areas of the curriculum. In particular, we wanted a visual learning aid to help pupils remember key events and milestones from throughout history. Ideally, it should reflect our curriculum and complement lessons in the classroom.

We came across some examples of history Wall Art by Promote Your School. Their history timelines caught our eye and we imagined how one of these would brighten up a corridor of the school. And how it could serve as a powerful learning aid for pupils.

Getting started

First, we sent an enquiry via Promote Your School’s website.

A few days later, a regional consultant named Helen got in touch. She explained that she could visit Moorside Primary School for a consultation, at no cost to us. We agreed a date and awaited her visit.

Helen visited our school and shared some relevant case studies for inspiration. It was great to see what we could achieve in our school.

She explained how the process would work, which was useful. This helped us understand what to expect and the timescales for the project.

“It’s important to highlight how supportive the whole process has been, from start to finish, with fast responses from Helen and the team. We had a range of case studies to explore, and all of our questions were answered promptly.”

We decided on a history timeline for our corridor. It would act as a beautiful learning aid and brighten up the space.

At Moorside Primary School we have a number of SEN learners. So we wanted to use calming colours to create a calm visual display that wouldn’t overstimulate these pupils.

From there, Helen helped us define the design brief, which she then passed on to the design team at Promote Your School.

Moorside Primary School

Taking shape

When we received the first draft of designs, we were blown away! The colours were vibrant, the information stood out and the branded backdrop brought the whole piece together.

Helen explained that we could make as many amends as we liked, according to the original brief. This meant we only approved the final artwork once we were 100% happy.

We really liked this aspect of the service and fed back some small changes to the designs.

“The people putting up the Wall Art were great and a pleasure to work with. We were guided through the wall preparation and timings have been spot on.”

Maximum impact

The Wall Art has truly lifted the key subject for children and staff across the school and is a key talking point.

Children and staff make reference to the information constantly.

“We’d like to share a particular example of children engaging with the Wall Art. A young boy with high needs in Year 4, when self-regulating, will request to go to the history wall. He moves from one end of the wall to the other, talking about the different events over time. His dad asked to look at the display as his son often talks about it at home, making links to the events over the years.”

The impact of the history Wall Art has inspired us as a school to further develop other subjects.

In fact, Promote Your School have also since designed and installed geography Wall Art, which is fantastic.

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