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BLOG 04 JUL 2022

The ebbsfleet academy library wall art

Library and Literacy Wall Art can ignite a passion for reading.

We’ve never before received such a high demand for library and literacy Wall Art. In fact, we’re delighted to see so many schools investing in their reading environments.

A recent report has shared findings from Cressida Cowell’s life-changing libraries project – it makes for powerful reading.

The report illustrates the huge impact a dedicated school library has on pupils’;

One headteacher went as far as to say,

“For years we have been looking for interventions to boost attainment to help close the gap between disadvantaged and SEN children and their peers. The library was the only intervention they needed.” – Headteacher


Our commitment to literacy

We were proud to donate literacy Wall Art to all six schools who received dedicated libraries as part of the life-changing libraries campaign.

The report has certainly shown how much the visual environment matters – it’s not enough just having books on display.

Schools also need to invest in the visual surroundings, comfort, safety and support that pupils experience when visiting their school library.

Getting started

So, we know that a school library has a transformative effect on pupils. But how do you create a wonderful school library on a limited budget?

Our library and literacy Wall Art might be exactly what you’re looking for. You don’t need a huge space to make an impact – even a single wall will do the job.

School literacy wall art

Immersive and engaging

Library and literacy Wall Art is designed to be immersive and engaging for pupils.

When we create our designs, we collaborate with each school to agree the most appropriate books, characters and images to feature.

For example, some schools want to align their Wall Art to setbooks on the curriculum. Whilst others might want to feature timeless classics, or genres that appeal to children of certain ages.

There are a few reasons our Wall Art is so immersive;

“Reading takes you to another world. Sometimes if you have had a bad day, or you’re just not really feeling good, you can put your nose in a book and feel much better.” – Pupil

Lee Chapel Literacy School wall art

For all ages

Library and literacy Wall Art is not just suitable for younger pupils. In fact, we work with many schools to feature books that appeal to Year 5 and 6 pupils (for example, the Year 5 literacy corridor in the image above) and secondary schools.

Many schools use literacy Wall Art to inspire pupils to engage with their setbooks. We’ll use stunning imagery to capture the spirit of each book. And, we’ll often include memorable lines and stirring quotes from classic titles to stimulate a discussion between pupils.

For younger pupils, it’s all about fantasy! Castles, wizards, dragons – we’ll feature images of mythical creatures that appeal to growing imaginations.

Ravenswood School reading wall themed corridor wall art

Why reading matters

Children who read for pleasure are proven to be healthier and happier, do better at school, be more likely to vote and more likely to be economically successful in later life – irrespective of their background (Source: BookTrust)

One of the most compelling findings from the life-changing libraries project is the impact of a school library on teaching staff. With a welcoming space dedicated to reading, more teachers are reading for pleasure. This in turn is inspiring pupils to follow suit.

A school library can positively impact the attitudes and mindsets of your pupils, staff and parents.

“It’s hard to put into words [the difference the library has made,] as it’s huge. Reading is our priority. The library is the lynchpin for that. Teachers’ book choices are now exceptional. Teachers are reading. Their expertise has developed, and children are exposed to higher quality language.” – Deputy Head

Thomas Arnold library wall art

Want to know more?

Contact us to find out more about bespoke Wall Art for your school. We’ll visit your school, free of charge, for a no obligation consultation. This gives us the chance to discuss your objectives and suggest how to maximise your budget and available space.

From there, we’ll guide you through design, print and installation to make sure you get the exact end result you want.



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