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BLOG 27 MAR 2024

Curriculum school wall art

Wall Art is a powerful learning resource that’s designed to complement your curriculum. Your curriculum is central to everything you do. It helps you to ensure that pupils are taught broad and balanced knowledge in a planned approach and that subject knowledge builds pupils’ understanding and skills, step by step, throughout their time in your school. Imparting this subject knowledge in a way that helps it stick in pupils’ minds and bringing it to life everyday is both the challenge and joy of teaching.

Supporting your curriculum

Well-planned, engaging lessons are the best way to impart subject knowledge. But there are other ways to build on and complement your hard work in the classroom. Wall displays are one, tried and tested way to extend learning but finding an off-the-shelf solution that says exactly what you want to say can be tricky. Creating your own displays to showcase core knowledge, as fun as it can be, is also incredibly time-consuming, and can easily drop down the list of priorities. Of course, if you do manage to find the time and the inspiration, will your masterpiece have the scale and drama to get noticed? The other option is to outsource your displays to a specialist wall graphics design company who are experts in creating designs specifically for education.

Education through inspiration

Graphic displays that are well-designed will engage and enthuse students in a subject and immerse them in related knowledge. The graphics can be as large scale as you want them to be, and they can be tailored exactly to the curriculum message or subject knowledge that you want to convey. Having worked with hundreds of schools for over two decades, we have seen that with the right help, you can turn your walls into teaching aids, specific to your curriculum.

‘Wall Art immerses the children in their learning.’ Sue Jackson, Lee Chapel Multi Academy Trust CEO

Selwood academy maths wall art

Bring knowledge to life

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Including core knowledge in spaces where pupils will see it frequently everyday, can help them to learn and memorise it. From times tables, phonics and key vocabulary to physics formula and GCSE English exam text quotes. We can make any school wall, a learning wall – for any part of the curriculum.

‘Wall Art targets everything that we learn in school already.’ Cara Spencer, SLT Lee Chapel Primary School

Foster independent learning

You can use your walls to provide suggestions for pupils to further extend their interests and learning in lessons and map their own learning journeys. Book spines, for example, are a great way to help students choose their next literary adventure.

‘Wall Art benefits our learning because it gives you that little surge and inspiration.’ Pupil, Lee Chapel Primary School

Teddington school library wall art

Develop curiosity and questioning

With the right graphics and design, imaginations will be sparked: provoking more questions and livelier discussions in the classroom. Through discussing the Wall Art pupils will be generating vocabulary, engaging in new ideas, new thinking, new passions and interests. It can inspire pupils to deepen their learning and understanding independently. Having created Wall Art for hundreds of schools we know that these are key drivers for schools to seek Wall Art.

‘Pupils can engage repeatedly with the Wall Art. It inspires them, it inspires their writing, it inspires their learning.’ Jon Spencer, SLT, Lee Chapel School

Squirrels Heath Infants map school wall art

Making links

Well created, specialist designs can help pupils make links across the curriculum and see how one subject or piece of knowledge relates to another. Cross curricular timelines that feature events from all subjects, and maps with landmarks and learning points that span the whole curriculum are great examples of this. Over two decades of working with schools we have seen many trends come and go but one thing that remains true is that timelines and maps in particular provide a constant source of curiosity and interest to students of all ages and help them to put their learning into real life contexts.

Curriculum school wall art

‘Our timeline is a vibrant addition to our school and one that has already proved a successful tool to support learning and inspired a love and curiosity of history in our pupils.’ St Mary’s Catholic Primary School.

Stand-out graphics will help break down barriers to learning by allowing you to use repetition, emphasis and present complex information in bitesize chunks.

Impress Ofsted

Ofsted are, of course, always keen to see how a school has gone that extra mile in making their environment engaging and stimulating for students. In particular, how a school makes the curriculum accessible to pupils of all abilities, and how well it’s woven into its structure, are positives for any Inspector.

‘Ofsted recently visited and described our school as “a stunning learning environment.’’ Sue Jackson, CEO, Lee Chapel Multi Academy Trust


Parental engagement

Getting parents involved with their children’s learning is critical to their attainment. The importance of parental engagement is recognised and proven to improve the chances of a school’s academic success too. But engaging time poor parents can be challenging. Curriculum Wall Art can encourage parents to connect with the school and their children’s learning.

Curriculum school wall art

‘The day after installation, the playground was buzzing with interest from parents, staff and children. The wall has inspired great conversations and it is wonderful to hear the children discussing the different individuals and events they either recognise from previous learning or are now interested in finding out more about.’ St Mary’s Catholic Primary School.

Wall Art by Promote Your School

Promote Your School has been helping schools showcase their curriculum for more than 20 years. With one our founders, and many of our consultants having a genuine educational background, we completely understand how central the curriculum is to everything you do. With Wall Art you won’t just get an impactful design, you’ll get a considered, highly effective educational asset that will be well received by pupils, parents, and Ofsted alike.

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Our service includes design, print and installation. We also have an extensive portfolio of case studies to inspire you on how you can complement your currciculum with Wall Art.

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