Northumberland Heath Primary School Hall Value Walls
Northumberland Heath Primary School hall values feature wall art
Primary School Wall art feature bespoke graphic design

We designed School Hall Value Walls at Northumberland Heath Primary School.

The design has created an atmosphere of energy and excitement within this communal space! School Hall Value Walls are a wonderful way to celebrate your unique set of school values. They are also a great reminder to pupils of the ethos, attitudes and behaviours they’re expected to uphold within your school.

For this particular project, we loved the scale of the design. And the fun, vibrant images that bring the walls to life.

Northumberland Heath Primary School values hall feature wall art
Primary School Hall bespoke wall art installation

Unique design

These School Hall Value Walls were designed completely bespoke to Northumberland Heath Primary School. That means they’re one of a kind and reflect the unique values that characterise this fantastic school.

We were keen to make the design as engaging as possible. So we came up with some creative imagery and iconography to complement the messaging. The end result is a fun, interesting and engaging design that’s impossible to miss!

Northumberland Heath Primary School Hall values inspiring bespoke wall art
Northumberland Heath Primary school bespoke values feature wall art

Northumberland Heath Primary bespoke design school hall wall art

Primary School bespoke design and installation feature wall art

A breath of fresh air

Our School Hall Value Walls have injected some colour and excitement into the school hall. The rich colour palette and dark blue background make for a really stunning effect that works well against the backdrop of the school hall.

We know how important it is to promote character and school values to your students. So our Wall Art is designed to help you share your values in a beautiful, visual format.

School Hall Welcome Walls

If you’d like to find out about Wall Art for your school, we’d love to hear from you! The first step of our process is to arrange a free, no obligation consultation with you. This can take place at your school (against strict, Covid-19 safety measures to keep you safe) or remotely via video consultation.

In this consultation, we’ll find out more about your goals and budget.

Then, we’ll create a bespoke quote for your approval. From there we’ll guide you through the design process and finally, the tadaa moment, we’ll install your stunning Wall Art on the walls of your school.