Luton Primary School Local Area Map Wall Art
luton primary local map wall art
luton primary local map wall art

We designed a local area map for Luton Primary School.

The local area map showcases local landmarks and provides information about the area. It’s a visual guide to the surrounding areas of the Luton Primary School.

So pupils and teachers can learn about, and enjoy, facts and images relating to their local area.

luton primary local map wall art
luton primary local map wall art

Local area map

From Rochester Cathedral to Chatham’s famous Naval Memorial, we’ve showcased some of the best local landmarks in this design. The local area map helps children get a sense of their local area. And it will instil a sense of pride at all the wonderful attractions the area has to offer.

From a learning perspective, the map gives pupils an understanding of their orientation within the area. They can also absorb and remember key facts about the Chatham area, without even realising they’re learning!

Personal touch

At Promote Your School, we specialise in creating bespoke Wall Art for schools around the world. And there are a few reasons why we believe bespoke design is the best option for schools;

  • Each school is unique, so deserves to have a one of a kind design
  • We can tailor the designs to the school’s colours and branding for a unified look
  • We work closely with each school to capture their look and feel, and tone of voice in our designs
  • The designs are created to fit perfectly into any space, sympathetic to the structure and style of the existing building

Long-lasting quality

Another key aspect of our designs for schools is the quality and durability of our Wall Art. Unlike free-standing displays, our bespoke Wall Art doesn’t need to be maintained or replaced regularly.

It’s designed to last many years, so is an investment for now and the future.

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