Chertsey High School Canteen Atrium

Chertsey High School Canteen Wall Art
Chertsey High School Canteen Wall Art

We designed Wall Art for the School Atrium Canteen at Chertsey High School.

A school atrium canteen can be one of two things; a dull, disinteresting expanse OR a vibrant, colourful and uplifting space. We prefer the latter, which is why we designed school atrium canteen Wall Art for Chertsey High School.

We’ve worked with Chertsey High many times and they’ve taken a budget-friendly approach to their transformation. Instead of doing everything at once, the school has staggered their Wall Art projects into phases. We’ve been fortunate to be able to witness the incremental visual transformation of this wonderful school!

Chertsey High School Canteen Wall Art

Branded image

What we love most about creating bespoke Wall Art for schools is that we can tailor our designs to each school. For example, we used Chertsey High’s school colours of purple and green to align their Wall Art to their unique branding and image.

This means that pupils enjoy a feeling of unity and uniformity across all the school’s Wall Art designs. A branded approach to Wall Art works particularly well for multi-academy trusts too. It allows the trust to achieve a consistent look across all their member schools, whilst still celebrating the uniqueness of each school.


Motivational quotes

Motivational quotes are a very popular Wall Art theme. They’re proven to uplift spirits and create a positive atmosphere for students and staff to enjoy. Now, pupils can read inspiring phrases as they eat their lunch and return to the classroom feeling positive and motivated.

We also included a reference to the school’s values of ‘knowledge, determination and love’. This reminds pupils of the loving community they’re a part of and the ethos they’re expected to uphold.

Chertsey Canteen Wall Art

Wall Art for schools

If you’d like to find out more about Wall Art for schools, get in touch! We can visit your school free of charge to discuss your objectives and assess your available space. With our 20 years’ experience in education, we’re well placed to guide you through the process of using Wall Art to achieve your objectives.

Visit the Case Studies section of our website to view more examples of our work.

Canteen Revamps School Atriums


Torquay academy atrium nature wall art

Torquay Academy Natural World Atrium Wall Art

This Atrium Wall Art design showcases the natural world; its habitats, wildlife and flora. The atrium has become a visual delight, packed with stunning images against a nature themed backdrop.

We were delighted to work with Torquay Academy to bring this project to life.

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