Blackwell Primary School – Before/After Case Study

BLOG 26 JUL 2023

We transformed the library at Blackwell Primary School with stunning Wall Art.

In this Before/After Case Study, we’ll introduce you to the enchanting new library at Blackwell Primary School.

We’ll also share testimonials about the new library from pupils, parents and teachers at the school. So you’ll be able to see the impact of visual design and get inspiration for your own school library.

Read on to find out how we created stunning, visual, literacy Wall Art to transform the library.

Blackwell Primary School

The school motto at Blackwell Primary School is ‘Building Bright Futures‘.

Literacy is one of the most accessible and effective ways to build a bright future. In fact, children who read for pleasure are proven to be healthier, happier and achieve better outcomes at school.

To truly embrace the magic of reading, children should be encouraged to immerse themselves in the pages of a book. Through reading for pleasure, they’re able to lose themselves in a rich tapestry of worlds, characters and storylines where anything is possible. This is truly life-changing.

With this in mind, we were delighted that the team at Blackwell Primary approached us to revamp their library and build bright futures for young readers.


Prior to the Wall Art design, the school used the space primarily for storage, but the size and layout of the area meant it had the potential for something far more useful.

The team at Blackwell Primary School wanted to create a cosy, safe space for reading – where pupils could feel at home and get lost in a book.

They already had lots of great furniture and didn’t have the budget to purchase new or expensive equipment. So, they approached Promote Your School to see if we could help transform the space with our bespoke Wall Art.

Our first step was to visit the school to assess the space and talk through the school’s goals. We needed to review the usability of the area and decide on the best placement for Wall Art.

Blackwell Primary School

We agreed to create a feature wall at one end of the room so students can;

  1. Collect their chosen book as they enter the room
  2. Find somewhere cosy to sit under the canopy of a forest
  3. Enjoy the company of some of their favourite books
  4. Experience the wellbeing benefits of a nature setting, bringing the outdoors in!

The teaching team at Blackwell Primary School enlisted the help of their pupils to choose their favourite books to be featured in the Wall Art designs.

Then, Dawn from the design team at Promote Your School got to work, creating an enchanted woodland setting with relevant book references for all ages.

Blackwell Primary School library

Awe and wonder

Pupils can spot creatures and story based objects within this enchanting design. It creates an air of magic, awe and wonder for pupils. We also love how the school complemented the Wall Art design with colourful furniture (the toadstools are particularly fun) and a well stocked, organised book borrowing system in place.

We loved working on this project and creating a magical reading environment for pupils to enjoy.

Literacy creates a pathway for the future and this design certainly reinforces the school’s motto of ‘Building bright futures‘.

True impact on pupils and parents

The best part of this project is the feedback we’ve received from pupils, teachers and parents at the school.

The students now feel a real sense of pride and have taken ownership over the space, as they were an integral piece in the puzzle. They picked out the books, creatures and objects to feature in the Wall Art design.

Our favourite comment from pupils was this one;

“I really like that I got to pick what characters would be on the wall and we got to say how we wanted it to look. My little sister is in Year 1 and she loves it because she can see the characters from her books. I’m in Year 6 and I can see the characters from my books!”

Parents were equally impressed with the designs, with one stating, “It’s amazing. The wall really brings it all together. It is so calm and the children are so excited to visit the library and use the space”.

Another parent commented that they had “never seen something like this used in a space like this before. It’s a great idea!”

Teacher Testimonials

“It really brings the space to life and makes it feel really special. The children love coming to use the library. The way the space has been designed has made the most of what was here already. The fact that it is hard-wearing has really helped because I am not as worried about the children accidentally damaging the wall!”

We were also thrilled to receive glowing feedback from Miss Jefferis, the Deputy Headteacher at Blackwell Primary School;

“Promote Your School have been fantastic to work with. From our initial site visit with our consultant, we shared the vision and ideas for the space – this was invaluable.

From there, we were able to work closely with the designer to make sure that the school community’s vision came to life.

Their adaptability and flexibility meant we could make the adjustments we wanted to get it just right. The fitting was efficient and quick, meaning that the space was transformed quickly. We couldn’t fault them.

Other school leaders have visited our space to see our new library and take ideas back to their own schools! The children have been involved in every step of the process and we are all very proud of what we have achieved in collaboration with the Promote Your School team.”

Blackwell Primary School

Wall Art for your school

If you like what you see, we’d love to help you transform your school library. We’ll tailor our bespoke Wall Art to you. And our service includes printing and installation too.

We’ll also print your Wall Art on premium, industrial grade vinyl – perfect for busy school environments. So it will last many years and offers a solid return on investment.

Get in touch to arrange a free, no obligation visit from a regional consultant. Or call us on +44 (0) 20 7404 3400 to find out more!

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