5 tips to help you promote your school


Many schools are under pressure to compete for pupils to fill places. With more and more schools opening and expanding, the need to market your school has grown significantly in recent years. We’ve put together 5 tips that will help ensure more of the right people see and understand all the great things your school does every day.

The best way to promote your school is to have a range of strategies giving you more chance of appealing to a larger audience. How can you do this?


1. Build your schools PR portfolio

Gain exposure for your school. Tell people what goes on in your school and what you believe is important through:

– being in local newspapers regularly
– appearing in or advertising in local magazines
– being on other related websites
– a Twitter or Facebook page

When people talk about your school make sure they have already seen you appear in a positive light and feel as if they know it well.


2. Have a dynamic and exciting website

Give parents lots of to reasons to be impressed by your school and to send their children into your care. Your website is a window into your school. Through regular news, events and informative pages parents can easily see that your school is where their child is, or will be, happy.


3. Create a buzz online

Use your website and social media to announce up coming events or the success of recent activities to maintain a constant buzz about what you do. Voice your opinion and express your schools ethos and values through tweets, Facebook statuses, news and blogs to show the philosophy behind your success. Illicit opinions through social media and your website comment pages. That way you can keep ahead of public opinion and show you are responsive to your stake-holders comments.

Remember, the best tweets and posts include photos and/or videos and these do not have to be of the pupils if that isn’t right for your school.  Pupils’ work and your facilities can speak volumes about who you are.


4. Be proud of your strengths and shout about them

Large, eye-catching banners and wall signs announcing your exam results, SATS results, Ofsted inspection grading or other moments to be proud of will be seen by thousands on the school fence.


5. Have an inviting and inspiring learning environment

When parents and inspectors come to visit the aesthetics of a school create a very impactful first impression. Bright, professional wall art can welcome new visitors and make them want to come back again.   Bespoke designed graphics can communicate your vision and values, engage and inspire pupils and provide an exciting and inspiring environment in which to learn.


Choosing a school is an anxious time for parents. Alongside your Ofsted reports and results, ultimately an ongoing, positive presence of a school in the community and a welcoming atmosphere when you visit can really help you stand out in an overwhelmed parent’s mind.