5 inspiring school libraries

school libraries

5 inspiring school libraries

These are school libraries like you’ve never seen them before!

Against a backdrop of stunning visuals and iconic texts, these libraries have become the go-to place for pupils to experience the life-changing magic of reading.

Here we’ll share some tips on how to create an engaging and inviting school library. We’ll also showcase some of our favourite school libraries from around the UK.

1. Book Title walls

You can use the walls of your school library to showcase classic book titles and key texts that every child should read.

Consider one, or a mix of;

The library at Thomas Arnold Primary School (pictured below) features striking images and quotes from classic texts like The Iron Man, Treasure Island and James and the Giant Peach. This design is effective because it inspires a natural curiosity – to interest even the most reluctant readers!

The images are big, bold and engaging – and backed by intriguing quotes from each book. Pupils are drawn to the wall because they want to find out more about the characters depicted in the designs.

school libraries

2. A touch of magic

For younger readers, your school library should feel magical – an enchanting space that sparks imagination.

Showcasing magical lands, fairytales and mythical characters can stimulate discussion amongst young readers. This is a powerful way to generate vocabulary and promote reading for pleasure from a young age.

Representation is important. Make sure you feature characters from all backgrounds and walks of life, so little readers can see characters they relate to.

A magical school library wall creates an air of escapism, which is great for inspiring calm and improving wellbeing.

Brookfield Infant School (below) boasts one of our favourite school libraries – with a stunning woodland backdrop and a stirring quote about reading. Twinkling fairy lights complete the look for a truly magical effect.

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3. Divine spines

Replicate the feeling of a bookcase by showcasing book spines on your library walls.

This gives pupils the feeling of immersing themselves in the books. Again, you can use your setbooks if you’d prefer a curriculum led design. Or, you can showcase classic titles that all children should read.

Book spines work well on a relevant themed backdrop. For example, you can feature GCSE quotes to help pupils memorise these, and include images of characters from setbooks to bring the books to life on your library walls.

Book spine designs work well for younger readers too. Simply choose books that appeal to young children. The backdrop can also reflect mythical titles, with magical lands, castles, fairies, enchanted woods and similar imagery.

The ultimate goal is to create a calm, magical and inviting space where pupils will want to spend time.

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4. General themes

It’s also possible to create a general reading wall that appeals to children of all ages, across a range of topics.

General reading walls can cover fiction, non-fiction, poetry, current affairs, news and any other topic related to literacy.

Most literacy Wall Art tends to focus on fiction, but a general reading wall can widen the appeal beyond this. It’s also a chance to break from the curriculum and promote reading for pleasure.

The design below, for Grove Academy, features quotes and images from classic texts. It’s an engaging design that’s sure to spark curiosity and engage pupils in the magic of reading.

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5. Wellbeing walls

Booktrust’s life-changing libraries report showed that a school library can improve pupils’ wellbeing, confidence, behaviour and, of course, literacy.

We also know that spending time in nature can benefit mental health – so imagine a school library that combines the power of reading with the wellbeing benefits of nature?

It’s possible – and many schools are harnessing this concept and offering beautiful, nature inspired libraries for pupils to enjoy.

A calm, visually appealing reading space where pupils feel safe, healthy and happy? Sounds like the perfect school library!

school libraries

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