5 common problems schools solve with Wall Art

BLOG 21 SEP 2023

Schools invest in Wall Art for various reasons…

After another busy summer holiday of Wall Art installations, we’re reflecting on the common objectives schools want to achieve through their Wall Art.

1. Save teachers’ time

Teachers spend a lot of their valuable time and energy updating, maintaining and replacing temporary visual displays. This adds to an already demanding workload.

Permanent Wall Art in corridors and communal spaces not only reduces the number of displays teachers are responsible for, it also provides high impact learning opportunities for pupils as they move around the school.


2. Cut maintenance costs

Regular decorating is costly, intrusive and time intensive. Plus, the materials needed for short-term displays create excess waste.

Wall Art requires zero maintenance and will last many years, saving schools both time and money.

“Five years later, our Wall Art still looks as good as it did on the day it was installed” – Headteacher, Greenvale Primary School

3. Stand out at Open Days

On average, a family will visit three schools before choosing the one for their child. It’s an ongoing challenge to stand out so that you attract new pupils and parents. Even more so if you’re competing with newly built schools nearby.

It’s important to communicate a strong identity and showcase what makes your school unique in order to stand out. And this is one of the frequent reasons schools choose to commission Wall Art.

Not only can Wall Art be tailored to your school’s values, colours and branding, it has the added benefit of creating a sense of belonging within your existing school community too.

4. Showcase your unique curriculum

It isn’t only values that make a school unique. In fact, each school’s curriculum showcases its strengths, and is created especially for the pupils.

This is why displays around your school need to be specific to your curriculum. It can be hard to achieve this with off-the-shelf posters, which also can’t compete with the impact of large scale graphics.

Instead, Wall Art is created bespoke to your curriculum and provides a rich learning environment for pupils to enjoy throughout the school day.

5. Instantly create a positive environment

Transitions between lessons can be overwhelming and trigger negative behaviour responses in some pupils. Plain corridors are unhelpful and uninspiring.

Not only do they make it more difficult for pupils to find their way around, they also fail to get children in the right mindset to learn.

Wall Art positively changes the aesthetic of the learning environment, which can have a significant impact on pupils’ attitudes to learning, and their behaviour in corridors. In fact, inspiring Wall Art can influence the whole school community’s wellbeing.

the highfield wellbeing wall art

Bespoke Wall Art for Schools

At Promote Your School, our bespoke Wall Art helps schools around the world achieve their unique objectives.

Common reasons for using Wall Art include;

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Unique ways to communicate your school values

We’ve noticed something refreshingly unique in the way schools interpret and communicate their school values. Every school has its own identity and ethos, and your values reflect this in different ways. Here are some ideas of how to communicate your values in unique, meaningful and memorable ways.

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